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Reflexology Labour + Birth Comb


Reflexology Comb for Labour + Birth made from eco friendly cellulose acetate (highly biodegradable) and imprinted with Seasons of Mama mantra

~ Open, Soften, Surrender ~

This natural and very effective pain management tool helps women in labour by activating Gate Control Theory. This asserts that when painful stimuli (such as a contraction) is felt at the same time as non-painful stimuli (such as with this “handy” acupressure tool - pun definitely intended) pain signals are then limited from reaching the brain.

This is what we refer to as our “Secret Weapon” for labour and is a tool loved by Midwives, Doulas and of course, Mamas alike. She earns bonus points for being waterproof too, unlike timber

Recent testimonies from our beautiful Mamas:

"The tool that I did not let go of was my labour comb from Seasons of Mama. This baby I clung to for dear life. I was not prepared for how much of an important role this tool played in getting me through those tougher moments, giving me a distraction and something to focus on. Mamas I would be packing this into your labour bag and giving it a go!" - Jessica 

"Jen's labour comb helped me get through a spontaneous 12 hour labour, drug free! Can highly recommend her beautiful products to any mumma-to-be" - Michelle

“Also, forgot to mention how freaking good the comb was during labour. That thing was my pain relief and my best friend. I didn’t let go. I almost got sad thinking we had left it in the birthing suite, but Matt had been carrying it in his pocket!” - April

Love your Midwife Mama friend, Jen xx